We are a non-profit organization empowering men, woman, and couples to recognize the power of their fertility by promoting knowledge of effective, natural, and healthy methods of avoiding or achieving pregnancy.

We believe that natural methods of family planning treat men and women with dignity, allowing them to effectively family plan without risking their  health. These methods are:

  • Effective. allowing couples to family plan in security.
  • Healthy. Practicing a natural method of family planning requires an understanding of each woman’s personal body. Women are educated to notice  changes and developments unique to their health, allowing them to effectively find treatment for common reproductive health problems before they even become a problem.
  • Natural. requiring no artificial hormones, barriers, or surgeries to effectively family plan.
  • Empowering. Women and couples should have the power to decide when they want to have children and when to wait. Natural methods honor this power within themselves and through their bodies to postpone pregnancy without making sacrifices to their health, economic status, relationship, or sexual pleasure.
  • Green. We strive to live lives that are environmental conscious. Natural methods of family planning are a sustainable, responsible, environmentally-friendly options.
  • Affordable. There are no monthly cost and fees, medication, or price tags each time a couple wants to be intimate. The only costs associated with natural methods of family planning are the initial classes to learn the method and in some instances, the purchase of a basal thermometer.
  • Sexy. Natural methods of family planning work to eliminate any physical or emotional barriers between a man and woman. Nothing about natural family planning hinders the sexual experience. It can even encourage the anticipation and excitement from the “early years” of a relationship. Natural methods actively encourage fulfilling sex lives.
  • Pro Gender-Equality. NFP requires communication, trust, and the effort of both man and woman to be effective.
  • Pro-Women. Women should not be asked to suppress their menstrual cycles in order to avoid pregnancy but to embrace it. Nor should the burden of family planning be laid solely on their shoulders. Natural methods of family planning empower women by teaching them to understand their fertile cycles with scientific accuracy, and to thereby effectively family plan while celebrating their womanhood.

What do we do…

We provide information on natural methods of family planning and their benefits. We create marketing campaigns to spread the wonderful news of fertility awareness to men, women, and couples. We support the university chapters of 1Flesh, as well as those organizations that teach natural family planning. But most importantly, we empower men and women to take charge of their fertility and live in harmony with their bodies.