Whats so bad about Contraception?


You recycle. You buy organic. You drive a hybrid. What about your birth control?


Fertility awareness allows you to find the underlying cause of your PMS, PCOS, infertility, or any reproductive health issues. Natural Procreative Technology treats these issues, naturally.


Fertility awareness: accurate as all get out.

Relationship Building

Natural methods can improve your relationship.

Achieving Pregnancy

Get knocked up. Naturally.


Know thyself.

The Sympto-Thermal Method

The Creighton Model



Romance and Attraction

Contraception can make romantic relationships even more maddeningly difficult than human beings have always known them to be.

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Hormonal contraception has been shown to mess with female sex drive. Sadness ensues.

The Environment

In which we discuss why a lot of female fish have testicles these days.

Why is Male Reproductive Health Declining?

Ever hear old people complain about how men are less “manly” these days? They might be on to more than we think.

HIV Risk

Hormonal contraceptives double a woman’s risk of HIV. No joke.

The Economics of Contraception

On net, women and children are the big losers in the contraceptive society.

Sex on Condoms

Latex just ain’t as much fun as we’d like it to be.

Female Memory

It’s unforgettably interesting.

Cardiovascular Disease

Contraception can be a heartbreaker. Make sure you know the risks.

Breast Cancer

We know that hormonal contraceptives significantly increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer. We do not know by how much.

Cervical Cancer

In which the Pill continues to be hard to swallow.

False Advertising


Turns out Big Pharma isn’t your homeboy.

Can Hormonal Contraception Cause Abortions?

A debate that has serious implications for those who understand that human life begins at conception.

A Little on LARCs

Once you get over the fact that its metal stuck inside women that renders them infertile, you can see that — no, never mind, they’re still lame.