I started to use birth control when I was sixteen years old. I had been recently diagnosed with an auto immune and fertility disease called endometriosis and at the time low dose birth control was the most common treatment. The goal of the treatment was to suppress certain hormones which were thought to further the disease.

Unfortunately, it didn’t do much to prevent or heal anything; instead, my health got a little worse and I gained nearly twenty pounds within a matter of months. I had what felt like morning sickness on a daily basis even though I was not pregnant; in addition, I had horrible migraines, random bouts of dizziness that were so bad I often couldn’t do anything, and some issues with sleep.

By the time I was twenty two I was on a host of medications to keep all these issues under control and help me function like a normal person. When I went on trips I had to pack a gallon-sized Ziplock bag filled with medicines I’d needed because I couldn’t spend the night somewhere without them. In January of 2007, I decided it was time to get off the pill.

Within months most of the newer medical issues I had started to fade and the weight I’d gained melted away. The following summer, my now husband and I had high hopes that since I had been feeling better children would come easily when we were ready.  Sadly, we were wrong.

Almost a year into our marriage, my endometriosis started to rear its ugly head again. I was calling in sick at least once a month and there were days I didn’t leave bed. We had been using a natural method of family planning since we got married and we could tell from looking at our charts that something just wasn’t right. At the time we were using the sympto-thermo method and nothing seemed to line up. I decided it was time to go back to the doctor who suggested I either go back on the pill or have a surgery to remove the endometriosis; we chose surgery.

 A few months after the surgery my health problem seemed to be getting worse rather than better. We were confused and upset by the situation but were determined to not lose hope. Almost a year after my surgery we still weren’t seeing the results we had been promised so we decided it was time to find another doctor. I did a lot of research and found Creighton Model Fertility Care to be our best bet. Not only did it focus on getting me healthy but it did so in a way that respected our beliefs.

Within a couple of months of charting with the Creighton Model, our doctor was able to pinpoint issues within my cycles. Blood work confirmed his suspicions. We tried a few treatments before he felt it was time for another surgery. All along he had thought my previous surgery wasn’t performed properly and in November 2010, we found out he was correct. Fortunately, we had two amazing doctors who were able to properly treat me. Within two months of the surgery, not only was I feeling the best I’d ever felt in my life but I was also pregnant with our first child, Maximus James!

My husband and I know we owe our son’s life to Creighton. Without Creighton we may have never known that my previous surgery was performed incorrectly. It is possible we would’ve been passed from doctor to doctor. Now, we not only have a beautiful son but I am finally healthy! Creighton has given me my life back and the ability to be in control of my own body, something no pill ever did.

Not only do we owe Maximus’s life and my health to this natural method, but it has also fortified our marriage. Natural methods of family planning requires constant communication between spouses. Not only about my signs of fertility but about our intentions for our family. We are always talking about when we want another child and our reasons for currently putting that hold on. All of this communication requires deep love and respect on both our behalf’s and thus has helped us to grow immensely in our marriage.