Sometimes an article comes along so far off the mark one cannot help but stare, aghast, at its implications.

In the interests of full authorial disclosure, this will be my third attempt at a refutation of the aforementioned piece.  The first two attempts ended with me banging my head against my keyboard in frustration at its claims.  And this third attempt is in danger of a rapid, all-consuming slide into the vortex of giving up and letting these thoughts go entirely unanswered, out of profound anger and frustration.

This brief article from Cosmopolitan is the journalistic equivalent of farting on an elevator.

To sum it up if you haven’t the desire to read it, which is a decision that I would obviously not begrudge you for doing, U.S. lawmakers could take a hint from countries like India and China, and dispense their contraceptives over the counter.  Yep, that’s it.  An article titled “We Need to Move to China” is telling us that we, as a civilized nation, need to start looking toward China for family planning inspiration.

The study linked by this piece shows a correlation between a country’s income and the availability of birth control, finding that the higher the income, the more likely it is that birth control pills require a prescription.  The Doctor in charge of the study goes on to speculate:

“Perhaps in places like China and India that have pills available over-the-counter formally without a prescription might be consistent with strong national family planning programs.”

Yes, you read that correctly.  They said he “speculates” that claim.  And boy, China sure does have a strong national family planning program.  It’s called the “One-Child Policy”.  If you’re a citizen of China, living in an urban area, you get one kid, and one kid only.  Sure, there’s the exception of twins, which has led to an increase in people taking fertility drugs (way more expensive than birth control pills), but other than that?  One kid.

Get pregnant again?  Forced abortion.  The local governments have even set up quotas for the number of abortions to perform in a given year.

Having a girl?  Adoption, abortion, abandonment, and infanticide are still options readily available to you, as China has a rich history of “son preference”.

The claim that higher income countries could learn a thing or two from China in regards to birth control is ignorant and infuriating.  But to also tout it as a “progressive” solution, because you can’t find the time to get a prescription written for you?  That’s just offensive.  Offensive to the families who have suffered under this policy.  Offensive to the children killed, despite parents who were willing to love and care for them.  And especially offensive to women, who are deemed “lesser” than men in that society, and as such, suffer for it.