Welcome to 1Flesh

We are 1Flesh, a grassroots movement dedicated to bringing great sex to the entire universe through the power of organic family planning.  

Five Reasons I Chart: Cassy, Monika, Kate, and Beth

Cassy Cassy is a homemaker from Arizona. Reason #1: It is an amazing opportunity for communication with my husband. Because charting...

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Why We Use NFP

We put out a call on our Facebook page asking people to give 5 reasons for going organic and using...

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Why Hannah’s Looking Forward to NFP

Meet Hannah from Syracuse, New York (@hannahwilderr). She is currently a student at Le Moyne College, who manages to make it...

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1Flesh Introduces: The NFP Map

While we were away, we got to work creating a searchable map of every teacher of a natural method of...

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Introducing Kathryn

Call me K, one of many 1flesh contributors lurking around the site. I’m studying political science, journalism, and philosophy at...

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Letter from the president

Friends, Welcome! I want to take this moment to introduce 1Flesh to you and explain our mission, new direction, and...

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